Dr. Carl Edward Archibald Albrecht

My focus lies on the arid and semi-arid regions of the world (deserts, semi-deserts, steppes and savannahs). Therefore, I spent a lot of time in Africa and Asia. A stay abroad in Saudi Arabia afterHigh School Graduation set the course for my studies in agriculture with a focus on animal production with special emphasis on the tropics and subtropics. Agricultural development research projects brought me first to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Rajasthan (India). Especially India showed me that it would be useful to increase my intercultural competencies. Therefore followed my studies in Applied Cultural and Social Anthropology with a regional focus on Africa. Further research projects brought me to Egypt and Ghana. Not always, but repeatedly I was confronted with a situation, in which colleagues with different ethnic origin and / or from different disciplines started arguing and then suddenly stood in front of me asking for the solution of their conflict. Therefore, the only sensible conclusion was: If you repeatedly end up solving conflicts you need a training in mediation to do it properly. Gedacht getan.  Thought and done. Since 2017 I am a freelancer working as agricultural consultant in animal production in the tropics and mediator with a focus on mediation in agriculture, mediation in medium-sized companies and intercultural mediation. Because many intercultural conflicts can be preventively avoided if you take the effort to develop a little intercultural understanding, the training to become an intercultural trainer was the logical consequence. Since then, I support intercultural understanding even before conflicts arise. I am driven by two topics: To contribute to world nutrition via agricultural development research and consulting and to build bridges between people to shape constructive interpersonal relationships at home and abroad.


My qualifications in detail:


Intercultural skills:

  • International experience in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, including stays abroad for several months in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Egypt and Ghana.
  • Studies of Cultural and Social Anthropology at Georg-August-University, Goettingen, applied profile with regional focus on Africa. Studies of geography as minor subject. Master of Arts (Cultural and Social Anthropology)
  • dgikt-certified intercultural trainer (IKUD® Seminare, Goettingen).


Conflict resolution skills:

  • IHK-approved mediator (Technische Akademie Hameln)
  • Certified mediator (Zentrum für Mediation und Kommunikation Dresden (hereafter ZMKD))
  • Economic mediator (ZMKD)
  • Family mediator (ZMKD)
  • Working as economic mediator with a focus on mediation in medium-sized companies, mediation in agriculture and intercultural mediation since 2017.


Agricultural skills:

  • 18 months of agricultural training on farms with dairy cattle, beef cattle and plant production.
  • Trainee exams at the chamber of agriculture Hanover.
  • Studies of agriculture, subject area animal production with a focus on tropics and subtropics at Georg-August-University, Goettingen. Master of Science (Agriculture), Dr. Sc. Agr.
  • During my studies of agriculture perennial seasonal occupation as research assistant at Versuchswesen Pflanzenschutz, Kleinburgwedel
  • Thorough experience in agricultural development research.
  • Freelance agricultural consultant for animal production in the tropics and subtropics since 2017.


Project management skills:

  • Certified coordinator in international project management. (Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (GNE), Witzenhausen, since 2017.
  • Diverse practical experiences through the planning and implementation of my own international research projects.



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