I offer you intercultural training workshops for mediators, companies and people who plan an extended stay abroad with pre-developed content at fixed dates (see below).


If you wish for a training especially designed for your company, want to start the planning of an agricultural project with my assistance or feel the need for a mediation please call me under the following number:


0049-160-76 25 618


Or use my contact form to send an e-mail.


You want to participate in a pre-developed training workshop? Please inform yourself about the next upcoming events and book your training slot via my contact form.


Upcoming events:


Five days intercultural training workshop for skilled mediators:

You are a skilled mediator and want to improve your intercultural awareness to mediate intercultural conflicts more masterfully? Then, you will be in good hands within this workshop. I will train you intensely for five days in intercultural mediation.


The workshop has the following learning goals:

  • Sensitive handling of intercultural conflicts.
  • Understanding of the concepts of culture and ethnicity.
  • Knowledge about the mechanisms of binary opposition, othering and culturalization and their effects on an intercultural mediation.
  • Recognition of culturalization traps and development of strategies to recognize them, make them visible and neutralize them to prevent their harmful effects on a mediation process.
  • Knowledge about the most important specific factors that tend to rise and shine in an intercultural mediation and complicate the solution of a conflict (defined by me as ‘cultural cliffs’). Knowledge, when they might appear during a mediation process and how to effectively deal with them.
  • First experiences with the mediation technique ‘doubling’ that comes from the German mediation concept ‘Klärungshilfe’. Experience, when and for which purposes to use it in intercultural mediation and when to stay away from the use.
  • Immersion into Nonviolent Communication with a special emphasis on intercultural conflicts.
  • Trying out the newly obtained skills in a simulated mediation process that will accompany us through the entire workshop.


Participation requirements:

  • You are a certified mediator or hold a master’s degree in mediation and have practical experience in mediation.
  • Your skills of the German and English languages are on an advanced level.
  • You are open for new insights and concepts to improve your intercultural skills.


Number of participants:



Next workshop date:

August 07 – 11, 2023


Workshop location:

The worshop will take place at a hotel in the northern Region of Hanover. The name of the hotel will be published after booking the workshop. 



Participants who need accomodation due to a longer distance between home and workshop hotel might book a room at the worshop hotel.


Workshop fee per participant: 1850,00 € (including lunch and two coffee breaks on each workshop day).


For registration for the workshop and possible further questions please use our contact form.